Habitual Fix

Bored of the various local lunchtime eateries and following a quick general consensus with the hungry Porter Novelli office staff, it was decided that Habitual Fix was the Corporate Lunchbox order of the day.

Ideal for the time-poor, uninspired or simply lazy lunch-goer, Habitual Fix is conveniently available for delivery by ordering online or by phone.

With an impressive menu made up of salads, sandwiches, wraps, toasted pitas, noodle salads, juices, smoothies, cookies and slices there really is something in there for everyone. For the health conscience or those looking for a simply a snack, a Fetish sized option is available in both the sandwich and salad category. For everything else the regular size of Full Fix is available.

After much deliberation of the menu our order included; Thai Beef Salad ($10.30), Hamsterdam Wrap ($9.30), Buffalo Chicken Wrap ($9.30), Chick Fixation Sandwich on wholemeal ($8.30) and finally the impressively titled Manwich on wholemeal ($10.50).

In an attempt to avoid an elongated online registration process I opted to call the local Newmarket store. What should have been a simple exchange of Name, Address, Order spiralled into a five minute call involving multiple repetitions of name, address and spelling:

“So that’s P for Peter” 


“No I said P for Peter”

Following several unsuccessful attempts to communicate the correct address, vital to a delivery order, I gave up and informed the member of staff I would order online. No apology was offered for this inconvenience.

Following a relatively stress-free registration I proceeded to order online, which in retrospect is what I should have done to begin with.

The order arrived within half an hour and five minutes before the given ETA which was a pleasant surprise given the notorious lateness associated with food deliveries, and was wrapped up in a lovely crisp brown paper bag, just how your Mum made your lunch back in the day (or at least mine did).

Both wraps were impressive and should certainly not be categorised as the lighter choice, with both sandwich partakers, Bill Rundle and Valerie Mackenzie, voicing food envy over the substantial size of the wraps and the decadent level of filling. Having had a wrap myself I can confirm that it certainly filled a gap and was clean and easy to consume (no dripping excess from the corner of a sandwich).

Desmond Nash rated the Thai Beef Salad highly and it looked fantastic with a dried noodle garnish and lots of vegetables.

The Manwich

The Manwich can only be described as disappointing. When it comes to sandwiches, size does matter. Bellying its name, the Manwich was no larger than the regular Full Fix and the additional $2.20 in cost is hard to swallow.

Despite the problematic ordering experience, Habitual Fix delivered in terms of taste, freshness, menu diversity and efficient delivery.

*Note since writing of blog The Manwich no longer appears to be on the Habitual Fix menu.

Overall Rating: 6/10

  • Location: N/A
  • Value: 6/10
  • Service: 5.5/10
  • Quality: 10/10
  • Environment: N/A
  • X-factor: 6/10

Habitual Fix – Auckland CBD, Newmarket, Sylvia Park, Takapuna, Lunn Avenue, Auckland Airport, Featherston, Waring Taylor Store

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